The Responsible & Transparent Asset Ownership Forum

The Responsible & Transparent Asset Ownership Forum

Join the debate, build relationships and network with key industry players in the global SWF market.

March 19th & 20th 2019, London


SWF World is a timely event

SWFs are becoming increasingly powerful players in global financial markets, yet despite their rapid rise, they are often less well understood than other types of investment vehicles.

As more countries become reliant on SWF’s for future pension schemes, this event provides a timely opportunity to address several questions around whether this ambitious growth is controlled by underlying political ambitions with little transparency.

In an article dated 8th Sept 2018, The Spectator said “There is now $63 trillion of sovereign debt outstanding across the world, with total debt at $237 trillion — a full $70 trillion above pre-crash levels. The US public debt ratio has rocketed from 65 per cent of GDP in 2008 to 105 per cent today, with the UK equivalent up from 40 to 87. In the eurozone, Italy’s public debt now exceeds 130 per cent of national income, a third higher than in 2008 — and is threatening to cause a eurozone implosion, which would prompt further populism on the Continent“ making the strategic plans of the worlds SWF even more important to understand.


At Sovereign Wealth Fund World key speakers from some of the most important funds around the world will discuss their long term capital management philosophy, asset allocation approach as well as their outlook for global markets.

Sovereign Wealth Funds, whether structured as stabilization funds, savings and development funds or reserve investments have an important role in macroeconomic management and global financial stability.


This event will bring together influential players from within the top 50 SWF’s as well as delegates from major Investment partners to discuss and debate the latest developments and key areas of investment interest for the global SWF market.

It will address the importance of responsible and transparent investment practice through Environmental and Social Governance (ESG). Listen to country case studies and debate whether it is time for the UK government to tap into bond markets and launch its own SWF given the encroaching Brexit deadline.


Why attend?

Be part of the discussion, share investment and best practice strategies in the new era of Trump, Brexit and historically low interest rates, whilst navigating the post financial crisis landscape. Join the debate, build relationships and network with key industry players in the global SWF market.


Who should attend?

▪ CEOs
▪ CIOs
▪ Portfolio Managers
▪ Lawyers
▪ CTOs
▪ Heads of Portfolio Management
▪ Heads of Wealth Management & Private Equity
▪ Heads of Asset Management
▪ Heads of Capital Markets & Fixed Income
▪ Heads of Debt Capital Markets
▪ Heads of Treasury & Institutional Investors



▪ Sovereign Wealth Funds
▪ Central Banks
▪ Multilateral Development Banks or other National Government Funds
▪ Government Pension Funds
▪ Investing divisions of insurance companies
▪ Corporate Pension Funds
▪ Issuers & Investor Corporations
▪ Private Equity Firms
▪ Law Firms
▪ Investment Banks
▪ Rating Agencies
▪ Consultancies & accountancy firms
▪ Family Offices
▪ Wealth Management Firms
▪ Consultancies

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